International Sourcing

At Samia Canada Inc., we are offering a smarter, more cost-effective and faster path to quality products, and innovative solutions.

Shrinking margins, escalating overhead costs together with the increasing demands of our fast moving world and the competitions in domestic markets, have led a growing number of companies to replace their expensive, far-flung manufacturing, and logistics operations with strategic and more streamlined sourcing solutions.

With 20 years of experience in international trade, along with the long cooperation with reputed companies globally, many of our customers and clients trusted our expertise and value-added solutions that drive efficiency and profitability.

In our industry, reputation is everything.

At Samia Canada, we pride ourselves on our impeccable global reputation for outstanding customer service. We do not disappear once a contract is signed. Instead, we are proactively involved, solving problems, finding answers, and guiding each project to a successful completion.

We provide affordable services to new established Canadian companies and individuals in import and export business to experience a successful international transaction.


  • Import and export requirements
  • Shipping terms and documents
  • Customs tariff and duties
  • International trade finance, and payment terms
  • Preparing international marketing, and business plan
  • International market research
  • Market entry and distribution strategies

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