Decorative Stainless Steel Tiles

Stainless Steel tile creates a stunning effect when installed professionally in a kitchen for a tile backsplash or used to compliment glass mosaic tiles in any other part of the house. Although it typically creates a modern feel because of its distinct color and because it’s obviously metal, you can put steel tiles to a wide range of uses depending on the lighting and style context of the rest of the room.

In the bathroom or kitchen, steel tile’s reflectivity makes it a light, warm tile that infuses more energy than you would expect. Therefore it is a great element to combine with other types of tile and colors if you want to create a unique style and feel without losing the colors or natural aesthetic that stone and glass can offer.

SS tile looks clean and is easy enough to maintain and keep looking new. This is great in areas like the kitchen and bathroom, where seeming clean is generally essential for an effective aesthetic.

Our other colors, such as silver, gold, smoke, copper, and rose expand your options even further.

Stainless Steel tile is as easy to install as any other tile. It comes mounted on the standard mesh backing or the double side tapes, so installation is easy, and you can customize the spacing to your design by simply cutting it before installing the tile.

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