Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

The aluminum honeycomb panel is a sandwich panel consisting of two aluminum plates (generally 1100 and 3003) as face sheets and hexagonal aluminum honeycomb cells as the core material, bonded together by aviation-purpose epoxy adhesive film. This type of sandwich panel is the most widely used honeycomb panel, utilized in building facades, ceilings, decorations, furniture and more.


• Max Size: 10,000 x 2,000 mm (390” x 78”)
• Total Thickness: 5 – 500 mm (0.2” – 20”)
• Surface skin Thickness: 0.2 – 3 mm
• Color choice: In mill finished or any color coat requested by the customer

Core Features:

• Aluminum honeycomb (Alloy 3003/5005/5052) with hexagonal cells
• Density: from 27 to 77 kg/m3

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