Worldwide Oil & Gas demand has been forecast to double in almost twenty years. The fluctuating prices and increasing costs under economic and political uncertainty, is making the oil & gas industry a global challenge with ideal opportunities for national and international companies.

With this view in mind, our company was founded as a global Procurement Contractor, and ever since has been engaged in many key industries including the oil and gas sector, requiring sophisticated and financially demanding supply chain.

Samia Canada Inc. provides a complete portfolio of value-added products, services and solutions for the oil and gas industry from wellhead to consumer, in accordance with the most stringent industry standards and customized to meet customers’ needs.

We provide all solutions to enhance your equipment efficiency and performance, Contractual Service Agreements that maintain your machines, plant and pipeline at the best level of reliability and availability.
Samia Canada Inc. provides advance technology equipment & services across all segments of oil, gas and petrochemical industries including:


Petrochemical Plants

Pipeline Projects

Gas boosting, Pressure Reducing and Metering Stations

Desalting projects

Tank Farms and Terminals

Onshore & Offshore Facilities

Upstream Projects


Our financial services for customers are ranging from payment in local currency to payment with L/C or deferred payment L/C. In special cases we might be able to assist clients to acquire financial facilities.