Floating Roof Storage Tanks Equipment

We supply the following products in relation with Internal Floating Roof (IFR) Storage Tanks:

- Geodesic Domes
- Aluminium Internal Floating Roofs
- Stainless Steel Internal Floating Roofs
- Floating Roof Tank Seals
- Specialised Floating Suction Lines and Skimmers
- SwingMaster Swing Joints for Floating Suction Lines
- Floating Roof Drain Systems
Samia Canada supplies the following products for External Floating Roof Tanks:

- Primary and Secondary Seals (Galvanized and Stainless Steel types) and a variety of materials for fabrics
- Roof Drain systems and related parts
- Rim Vents
- Float Check Valves for Drain Systems

Storage Tanks Equipment:

We offer Pressure Vacuum Vents, Flame Arrestors, Gauge Hatches, Emergency Vents, Thief Hatches, Manhole Covers, Nitrogen Blanketing System Regulators, Free Vents, Rim Vents, Level Indicators, Suction Lines and Skimmers.